TPO-05 - Integrated Writing Task As early as the twelfth century A.D., the settlements of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico in the American Southwest were notable for their "great houses," massive stone buildings that contain hundreds of rooms and often stand th

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The article expresses the ways in which the "great houses" were used by people. The article explains three such instances where the "great houses" were used but, professor denies the article and states that neither of them are convincing and also gives possible explanation for holing his opinion.

First, the article states that Chaco structures were residential and looked like apartments and also had rooms for hundreds. But, professor refutes this. He refutes this by claiming that if there is space for hundreds, then there should have been many fire places which are used by the people for cooking purposes. He also claims that a recent excavation of one such mansion, revels that there are only ten fire places. This will definitely disprove that these "great houses" were residential.

Second, the article averts that these buildings were used for grain maize storage. Article also states that the excavation has found large containers that intimates that it was used for the grain storage purposes. However, professor confutes by stating that excavation results are unconvincing because, there are no traces of grain spill on the floor or no proper evidence that there grains were stored in those large containers. Though, the large space inside the building can be assumed to be used for grain storage, no evidence states that it was used for the maize storage purposes.

Third, the article states that these buildings were used for ceremonies of native American culture. Whereas, the professor states that it is unconvincing because the excavation results has also reveled that not only pots but also some other things like construction materials, tools and other things are found. The professor says that it is just a trash heap that contains all such things. He casts doubt that it might be possible that the construction people might had used for their meals and might have dumped this regular thrash.

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