TPO-21 - Integrated Writing Task Genetic modification, a process used to change an organism’s genes and hence its characteristics, is now being used to improve trees through genetic modification. It is possible to create trees that produce more fruit, g

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The author suggests that planting genetically modified trees which is the product of the process that changes the gene of the organism will bring many benefits to people. Nevertheless, the professor cast doubts each of the author's idea.

First and foremost, the reading states the genetically modified trees are more resistance to the disasters such as a virus. Also, the author includes an example of the Hawaii where they use genetically modified trees to block viruses. On the other hand, the lecturer rejected this point by saying that if those trees meet with the situation that they have not been designed, they will die eventually. Furthermore, the lecturer said the only one situation could not prove that this is resistance to all hard times such as a hurricane or the climate change.

Secondly, the passage indicates the genetically modified trees grow faster and produce greater yields of fruit and products than the natural trees which will beneficial for farmers. Nonetheless, the professor made a counterclaim to this idea by explaining that the seed of the genetically modified tree will be more costly than the casual one because they need more techniques to produce. Moreover, she argued that farmers must buy seeds every time they plant the tree because they can not collect seed from the former one like the natural trees.

Thirdly, the article claims that such tree encourages to save the endangered natural trees that are used in many industries. However, the lecturer refused that point, the genetically modified trees have a more bad impact on the growth of those natural ones. She said the genetically modified trees deplete resources such as water, sunlight and soil nutrients that are directly related to the population of the natural trees.

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