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TPO 26

The passage expressing about the reason why zebra mussels spread and present 3 main points in contrast the lecture was arguing some facts that has some contradictions with the passage.

First of all, the author asserted that ship is one of the reasons that caused spreading the zebra mussels with transferring them between points because zebra mussels can stick to ships or entering in the balancing system of ships and in a new location they can come out. In contrast, the lecturer was arguing that ships for having a balance they load water inside before reaching the oceans, and this water kills zebra mussels. Not only the mechanism of ships but also my management in transferring ships could prevent this transferring.

In addition, the author mentioned that high domination of zebra mussels in adaption can change habitats of zebra mussels to have a high rate of production. But the lecturer was asserting that other factors that hunters for example birds and other animals also can change their habitats so they hunt zebra mussels.

Finally, as the author mentioned in the passage, they become dominant and decline fish population but the lecture mentioned to a point that there are a balance and a negative and positive side at the same time where although the ability of zebra mussels in adaption is high and its a negative element but in contrast, the fish population is a positive element that can have an equilibrium.

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