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TPO 29

In this set of materials, the reading passage and listening section discuss the possibility of migration to the edmontosaurus. Although the passage claims several different arguments to support the migration hypothesis of the Edmontosaurus, one of the most common dinosaurs in those regions, the speaker refutes these ideas through several reasons which I will describe in this report.

First, the reading discusses that the edmontosaurus fed in special plants, and in the winter they did not have plants as food; hence, they had to migrate to finding food. However, the lecturer, in contrast, rejects this by claiming that, 1000 years ago, summer was warmer than today. Also, the sunshine was able to 24 hours a day. So, the condition was favourable for growing plant. Also, the plants were growing in summer, were died in the winter. These animals had a lot of food from the died plants. So, they did not have to migrate to finding food.

Second, the reading passage argues that scientists found many edmontosaurus skeletons in the same site, so they found that animals lived in herbs. As the same as modern animals, which live in herbs for migration, the edmontosaurus also had been lived in herbs for migration. But, the professor argues that living in a herb does not mean they need to migration. Animals live in a herb for another purpose such as extra protection. For example, Roosevelt elks live in the forest of the USA, and they do not migrate.

Finally, although the reading passage says that the edmontosaurus were able to migration, because they had the capable ability to migrate, and they had adequate speed, the professor disagrees by mentioning that the adult animals had able to run fast, but junior animals would not able to run fast. And, the young animals could not live alone. Therefore, adult animals had to wait until the young animals could receive them. So, the speed of the herbs would reduce, and they were not able to migrate.

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