TPO-33 - Integrated Writing Task Carved stone balls are a curious type of artifact found at a number of locations in Scotland. They date from the late Neolithic period, around 4,000 years ago. They are round in shape; they were carved from several types o

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Both the reading and the lecture are about carved stone balls founded in Scotland. The author of the reading article provides us with three possibilities of what these balls were used for. While on contrary, the lecturer cast doubts on those hypotheses and says they are unconvincing and provides us with the reasons why not.
First, the author points out that these balls may be used as weapons either for hunting or in fights. The article mentions that there were halls founded on the balls so it is possible that they were attached to strings to allow them to be thrown on the aim. The professor challenges this point. She says that it is impossible that these balls were used as weapons, if so we should found some cracks on it or even found them in pieces, but this is not the case. They were found in good intact shapes with no dents or grooves.
Second, the author contends that these balls may be used as a primitive weighting system. As the article elaborates that they were uniform in diameter so they may be used as a standard unite of measurement. The lecturer refutes this idea. She mentions that the balls were made out of different stones which make them of different wights. They may have the same diameter but they had totally different wight. So impossible there were used as weighting system.
Finally, the author says that they may be used as a sign of the importance of their owners. As it is mentioned the balls were having elaborated designs to show the social importance of their owners. The professor totally disagrees with this idea. She says that the is not true. She elaborates, if so why there were other balls with very simple designs on it, and why we couldn't found any of these balls in the toms of their owners, as it was known about the people that time, they were burying their possesses with there bodies. This proves they weren't used as indicators of the social importance of their owners.

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