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tpo 41

Both the reading and the passage are dicussing the results of creating new rules for storing coal ashes. The reading indicates that these new regulations could have negative consequences, and brings up three argument to support the claim. The lecturer is apposed this argumant and brings up some detail to ilustrate her point of view.
First, the reading says that current regulations are sufficient and there is no need for new rules. The lecturer disagree with this claim and mentions the rules are just sufficient for the new fields and under these rules older fields still cause serious damage to the environment. So new rule should create for both old and new fields.
Socondly the reading argues that creating new rules will cause to customers to avoid using recycled coal ash products. The lecturer thinks this not true since strict rules for mercury industry that have existed for a long time haven't cause the use of recycles products. Since the coal recycling products is the same, it is unlickly that consuemrs stop using them.
The last reason that is mentioned in the reading is the high cost of these regulation for the power companies. The lectrure agrees that the regulations will result to cost incresing. But she think that since the estimated cost is about 50 million dollars and this money is only 1% of the electricity of the household, it realy worth it.

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