TPO-41 - Integrated Writing Task Burning coal in power plants produces a waste product called coal ash, a material that contains small amounts of potentially harmful chemicals Environmentalists in the United States are concerned about the damage such harm

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Environment problem, recently, has become increasingly important, which attract us to the proposal from those environmentalists. However, it was refuted by representatives that the United States government should create new, much stricter regulations for dealing and storing ash, which was came up with concerned environmentalists. This passage lists 3 reasons to illustrate their opposite opinion.
First off, it is unnecessary because there already exist effective environmental regulations such as one essential regulation which requires using liner-special material that prevents coal ash components from contaminating the soil. On the contrary, the speaker in the lecture argues that the current regulation is not efficient enough, for it is only required when building new land or factory.
Therefore, there is still environment damage being caused though there already exist rules. Moreover, the passage also proves its point view with the prediction from some analysts that strict regulations may discourage the recycling usage of coal ash. It also points out that if new regulations are launched, consumers will stop buying the products, while recycling the ash as building materials won't jeopardize the environment. On the other hand, the speaker refutes that new regulation definitely won't stop the use of recycled ash, with the example of another kind of material, which is also under strict handling rules. Thus, consumers won't be afraid to buy the products.
Last, the author also presents that the disposal and handling costs for the power company will increase if new more tough rules are launched, which will lead to the increasing price of electricity and dissatisfied the public. Nevertheless, the speaker in the listening prove the proposal is still well-worth for that the increasing in the price of the electricity is just around 1 percent, and there will be 15 billion dollars paid-off in total.

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