Tpo 43 task1

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Tpo 43 task1

Bothe reading and the lecture are about the possible ways that agnostics which were the primitive arthropods marine animals demised 450 million years ago behaved and ate. However, the lecture founds all the statement of reading implausible and refute them by providing some evidence.
First, the reading states that agnostids were free-swimming haunters that prey on tiny organisms in the ocean similarly to their ancestor primitive arthropods which were versatile swimmer predators. On the contrary, the lecture challenge this idea by claiming that other swimmers in the ocean that haunt other animals had large and well-developed eyes. This ability empowered them to track the pray. The agnostids, not only did not have a strong visual system or even were blind, but they also deprive of other sensitive organs in order to be capable of stalking prey.
Second, the author suggests that agnostids resided on the seafloor and found their food from dead organisms or bacteria likewise other types of primitive arthropods. Conversely, the professor brings up the fact that seafloor habitats were unable to move fast and far. They had the tendency to be slow and occupied local and small space that they were originated. In opposite, Agnostids that located in multiple sites in the ocean were capable of moving at high speed and long-distance.
Finally, the authors posit that agnostics were parasites that exploit the larger organism such as primitive fish or other species of larger arthropods as their host in order to live and supply food since the modern arthropods including fleas, ticks, and mites are parasite. Conversely, the lecture points out that parasite animals do not have a large population on the ground of they have to kill their host, and this leads to confine their food and population consequently. However, the fossil record reveals the fact that agnostids had a large population number and were able to find food in a more feasible way.

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