tpo 65 Summarize the points made in the lecture being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific methods proposed in the reading passage

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tpo 65 Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific methods proposed in the reading passage.

The reading passage and the lecture are both about wild tuna. The author of the reading claims three types of problems that tuna farming has faced, and the lecturer casts doubt on each of those problems.

First of all, the writer claims that female tuna do not lay eggs while being captivated. Thus, tuna farmers must capture a huge quantity of wild tuna. As a result their population will declares. On the other hand, the professor states that new research has revealed that with the development of new medications such as inject-able hormones, tuna farmers could make it possible their growth without reducing wild tuna's population.

Second of all, the author argues that tuna raised on farms are expensive because they are fed with high-protein food obtained by other fish. Therefore, they will require a huge amount of fish, so they could grow normally. On the contrary, the lecturer refutes this idea by saying that this is not a problem because there are other sources that contain high-protein level. For example, plants, which are not expensive. Therefore, wild tuna could be fed with plants, which are cultivated for that purpose with a low cost.

Finally, the reading passage points out that wild tuna that confined to ocean are likely to become infested with parasites. For instance, tuna farmers in southern Australia have had problems with infestations of blood flukes, which is a parasite that lives in the blood vessels of the infected fish. Therefore, tuna will die before they will be sold. Nevertheless, the speaker contends this problem by explaining that tunas who are located close to the shore have a reduced number of this parasite. Tuna farmers have observed that tunas captured from the depth of the ocean has high level of blood flukes. Therefore, the speaker asserts that this is not going to be a problem if we keep tunas close to shore.

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