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Do people benefit more from having many choices or few choices?

Essay topics: Do people benefit more from having many choices or few choices?

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Availability of choices and existence of diversity, variety add important colors to life. A variety of experiences one can choose from allow each person to experience the taste of life. Changes are a part of the world and similarly living involves making important choices. There are greater variety choices in career options, food , clothing housing etc. which greatly benefit people . As different people have different requirements the availability of a great number of choices ensures that the needs of all the people are attended to.

IN the early stone ages such as Mesolithic or Paleolithic ages humans spent a major amount of time in hunting , gathering or growing food . But with settlement and modern farming techniques people got a chance to explore other fields such as arts –painting , music , dance, pottery , craft became integral parts of life and led to effervescence of culture that are preserved in the same form or practiced in other ways.

In most of nations there are problems of unemployment not only the form of seasonal or annual employment but also i n the form of disguised unemployment. In many households the entire family is engaged in the cultivation of farms or running the family business. So there may be more than five or six people engaged in an activity even though the need for labor is equal to that of two. Thus, even though people are involved in activities they do not add to production as their labor is superfluous. This form of unemployment called disguised employment is very common toady. However availability of career choices and more opportunities of education can allow people to utilize their talent and add to the asset of a nation . Today people have career choices ranging from arts and drama to the myriad options in research field.

There is diversity of choice in the food, clothing and housing available. Most of the fruits are available in all the seasons and thus people can easily make a healthy diet schedule and stay healthy. In Ireland people in the 18Th century potatoes formed the diet of the majority of the poor. During a potato famine in 1845 thousands perished as they did not have any other food item to serve their needs . But, thanks to the variety of cheap vegetables and fruits available dearth of a single product will not perishing of thousands.

Today the changing trends offer a great choice of fashionable clothes , gadgets and fads .This might tempt people to waste their money over useless things . However it is people again who have important choices . They can either choose to spend in worthless endeavors or make good investments in the necessities offered in this great world of choice.

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will not perishing of thousands.
will not be perishing of thousands.

The essay is not exactly right on the topic. Read the essay topic again and think why.

Don't put a space before punctuation marks.
Always put a space after punctuation marks. Essay e-rater is sensitive.

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I can not understand why the essay is off topic. THe topic asks if a more a number of choices are better for people or a few choices would suffice I support the fact the a greater number of choices are better for people.

Need some arguments and introductions before the examples, if not, the examples may not support anything.

Read this pattern, people will understand exactly what the examples will do:

Para 1: introduction. my choice: A or B. agree or disagree.

Para 2: First,reason 1 (1 sentence) + why reason 1(some arguments. 2-3 sentences) + examples for reason 1 (around 2 sentences) + small conclusions (like advantages of reason 1 or comparisons if not reason 1, 1-2 sentences).

Para 3: Second,reason 2 ,blabla... do the same thing as First

Para 4: Third, reason 3 blabla... do the same thing as First but shorter

Para 5: Conclusion.


The pattern is for beginners, so just get some ideas but don't follow it.