Do you agree or disagree There is no reason to study the past since we live in the present

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Do you agree or disagree? There is no reason to study the past since we live in the present

Some people said that it is a waste of time studying history. Studying history is useless since we are living in the present. However, I completely disagree with that statement. In my opinion, studying the past is very useful because knowing the past can help us to predict what could happen in our future and then we could avoid committing the same mistakes as our ancestors once did. In certain professions, studying the past can also give us an idea in how to resolve issues that we are going through in the present moment.

To begin with, studying history is very important for the humanity. Studying our past make us to go back in time and analyze our past action and their results. It makes us to have a critical judgment of our ancestors’ actions and see whether their decisions were right or wrong at that time. This way we will not commit the same mistakes that our ancestors had committed. For example, if we go back in time and examine how many people were killed and how many people is still suffering with the effects of the Hiroshima’s nuclear bomb, we would not let it ever happen again.

Moreover, in certain profession studying history can be very helpful when difficult cases come across in the present. For example, lawyers eventually have difficult cases to resolve in their practice. In order to help their clients, sometimes lawyers have to go back in time and search what their colleagues have done in the past in order to resolve similar issues that they are going through. Studying history is also important for architects. By studying ancient constructions they would get to know the ancient techniques used by our ancestors, their different styles from one region to another and analyze what did work well at that time and they can adapt the same style and techniques for our actual constructions.

To sum up, from my point of view studying history can be very useful for the humanity. Knowing our ancestors actions in the past can open up our eye and help us to predict our future and avoid our ancestors’ mistakes. Studying the past can also be very useful in certain professions. Looking back in to the past can give them a clue in how to handle difficult cases that eventually could come across in their profession.

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Sentence: Studying our past make us to go back in time and analyze our past action and their results.
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