The expression Never never give up means to keep trying and never stop working for your goals Do you agree or disagree

It is well- known that people should put enough amount of effort in order to reach their aims and the proverb that says " no pain – no gain" summarize a lot in terms of getting targets done.
In my point of view, I would agree with the above-mentioned statement, I feel this way for several causes, which I develop in the subsequent paragraphs.
To start with, there is no shortage of opinions on the importance of working hard to get your dreams, and I think that working hard has been proven throughout experiments to be a valuable way for people who want to succeed.
In addition, I reckon that people should work smart which can save a lot of time and effort
To illustrate this, my mother has struggled with being overweight, and she tried many diets, but none of them was helpful until she went to a doctor who advised her to eat healthy and organic food with an adequate proportion and to do regular exercises every day. As a result, she lost 10 pounds in just three weeks.
This example point out how through smart work your goals can be reached faster and easier.
Secondly, I believe people have to try over and over again even if they fail several times, and here it is necessary to talk about Thomas Edison, a scientist who has tried more than once and met different hurdles before achieving his goals not only that but also many scientists frustrated him that it was impossible to invent something like electric light, however, after he conducted many failed experiments he succeeded the world's most important achievement So, I think as long as you are alive there is no excuse to say I cannot do this.
To sum up, I believe that no one can achieve their goals if they always give up when they meet obstacles and hardships. I think we have to try to solve the problems we will meet, and we should be confident in our dream and never give it up.

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