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It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Gulam Mohib Parihar, who is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from our institute.

From Fall 2018 to Spring 2019, I have tutored, mentored and instructed him in the subjects Computer Graphics, Computer Graphics Laboratory and Scientific Computing, where I have observed his exemplary performance. He consistently scored A (nine on a scale of ten) in all my subjects and has showcased time and again his exceptional analytical and quantitative reasoning. Many a time he challenged the class to consider issues from a new perspective. His openness to problems and eagerness to learn impressed me. His practical knowledge in the domain helped him achieve an impeccable performance in the laboratory as well as supplemented the theories learned in class. Assignments submitted by him were always on time and were a pleasure to grade. He is an emotionally well-balanced person who can cope easily with the high-pressure workload.

He is vocal in expressing his queries and equally keen to share his knowledge amongst his peers, which is a quality every researcher should possess. He conducts himself in a very professional and courteous yet sensitive manner. He has excellent communication skills and displays them with mature mannerisms.

His interest extends beyond the realms of academics. I have known Mohib to be a part of the college soccer team, which secured the first podium finish in the college history at All India Inter-NIT Football Tournament. He is great at multi-tasking and balances his academics and his co-curricular activities well.

He should prove to be an asset to your institution with his resourceful and ambitious nature and I wish him all the best in all his future endeavors.

Feel free to contact me in case of any needed additional input.

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