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Write an essay on an extracurricular activity that you enjoyed.

Essay topics: Write an essay on an extracurricular activity that you enjoyed.

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Life is an odyssey- a long road bent with transitions , marked by speed breakers, lined with obstacles and smooth with success . This exciting story can be etched in memory and stored for eternity in the form of poetry.

I first started writing poems in 5th grade when they were a part of the school curriculum. My early poems were short , simple and written on trivial topics such as birds or trees. In middle school I lost touch with my poetic side. The days passed with homework , projects , tests and grades. However I rediscovered the art years later when I started 10th grade. It was a summer afternoon and I was sitting on my window sill with my laptop . After several failed attempts to load some information I put my laptop down and looked at the view outside. I instantly realized that the mango tree that had been standing there for almost twenty years was cut down. I remembered it and was deluged with emotions . My pen automatically flowed as I composed a poem . From that day on all my feelings were expressed in the form of poetry . I could imbibe the subtle experiences of life and record them in my poems.

I joined an online community to seek comments and advice on my poems. Little did I know that such a community would open up a whole new world for me. I met poets of diverse ages and tastes. Being a science student I was inclined to discuss science with my new poetic friends. Initially I found it difficult to converse with people . But slowly I began to understand others’ emotions and developed a taste in areas other than science. I got comments on my poems, I was inspired and I picked various forms and styles. I could connect to people who were miles away from me and whom I never saw. I still remember one of my friends who was suffering from disease called chiari . As I read her poems and chatted with her I realized that she had a life of struggle and in spite of her own hardships she was a sweet and loving lady. Besides the sweet people there were some harsh critics as well . I learnt to derive lessons from criticisms and cope with the different behavioral patterns of people.

Poems helped me understand myself, my desires and acted as a connect between my mind and my heart. All of my poems put together make an up to date story of my life. I can always read them, know my mistakes and then smile. They are shadows of the past and hopes of the future that I can always carry with myself.

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