All university students should require to take history courses no matter what their field of study is?

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All university students should require to take history courses no matter what their field of study is?

Universities significantly have a serious influence on the student careers directly or indirectly which has always engendered a lot of controversial debates among academicians. University courses should be as beneficial as possible to improve students education in the society. One noticeable question which comes up in this regard is that whether all students should take history courses obligatory or not. While an overwhelming majority firmly believes that taking history courses considerably is essential because history is combined with valuable experience, others hold exactly the opposite perspective. I think that nor history neither other courses which irrelevant to students' major should not be mandatory owing to some highlighted reasons. The ensuing paragraphs will substantially elaborate on my points of view.

The most exquisite point confirming my stance is that studying courses which is not related to students' field would absolutely waste their time. Students in the university should put their time and focused efforts on gaining experience and skills which is significantly essential and beneficial for their future academic career or job. In our hectic life, time is as valuable as money, hence, it should be spent on eminent skills like learning software, part-time job experience, and research, not history. One recent survey has been accomplished in this regard to find out whether courses which are not associated with students field would be advantageous for students future career or not. It surprisingly indicates that most students usually forget all the concepts which were taught in an irrelevant course due to it is not considered important for them. Thus, students should attempt to learn more prominent skills rather than history. This experiment indicates that history courses should not be as a requirement.

Another prominent point which is worth mentioning is that students should be interested in their courses. If history courses are obligatory and some students are reluctant to take it, it would not benefit the students. Taking a personal example, when I was in the university, we should take history courses. But unfortunately I and a vast majority of students did not like it at all, therefore, we even hardly listen to the professors. Taking this history courses not only did waste our time but also did not increase our knowledge. This example obviously demonstrates that students do not need to take history courses.

To sum up, taking all the aforementioned factors into consideration, we might come to the result that students should not be required to take history courses because it would be time-consuming and unuseful owing to lack of adequate intrigue. As a writer advice, I recommend that history should be for students who find it appealing and helpful, not for all the students.

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