According to a recent report by our marketing department during the past year fewer people attended Super Screen produced movies than in any other year And yet the percentage of positive reviews by movie reviewers about specific Super Screen movies actual

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"According to a recent report by our marketing department, during the past year, fewer people attended Super Screen produced movies than in any other year. And yet the percentage of positive reviews by movie reviewers about specific Super Screen movies actually increased during the last year. Clearly, the content of these reviews is not reaching enough of our prospective viewers. Thus, the problem lies not in the quality of our movies but with public's lack of awareness that movies of good quality are available. Super Screen should therefore allocate a greater quantity of its budget next year to reaching the public through advertising."

The argument stated by the author appears to be convincing at first. But only analyzing it closely, it is seen that the argument if rife with holes and assumptions. Thus, in order to present a justified argument, these assumptions must be dealt with thoroughly.

It is stated that only a few people attended the Super Screen-produced movies in the past year as compared to any other year. This statement is very vague. Just because, less number of people attended their movies does not mean the public does not know about these movies. They may be well aware of these movies but not watch it. There could be several reasons to do so. Firstly, there could be any other production company whose movies might be admired more by the public. Also, the rate of the movies could be quite high and the public might not think it is worth to be spending that amount of money on a movie.

It has also been stated that there were more positive reviews for the movies even though there were fewer customers. The author assumes that just because the crowd that has been coming to watch the movie likes it, everyone would. These people might be the ones who have been coming to this production house to watch the movies since ages. Thus, they might be the loyal customers who are coming to view the movies. And hence, there might be a lot of positive reviews. It can also be that the production company made it mandatory for the the viewers to give reviews in the past year. This could also lead to an increased number of reviews.

Furthermore, it is said that the it is the public's lack of awareness that they do not know about the good quality movies. This statement is baseless. Just assuming that the public does not know about their movies and thus, trying to increase the advertising budget is not a good idea. With the increasing number of online television platforms (OTT), people might sit in their homes and enjoy watching movies there in thir own comfortable space. Thus, the people might know about the movies. They might also know that they are good quality movies. But yet, they might not want to watch it there.

Thus, all the above presented assumptions must be considered by the author. And once all these assumptions have been nullified and dealt with, the author can make a statement regarding the budget for advertising.

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