The following appeared in a letter to the editor of the Balmer Island Gazette On Balmer Island where mopeds serve as a popular form of transportation the population increases to 100 000 during the summer months To reduce the number of accidents involving

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The following appeared in a letter to the editor of the Balmer Island Gazette.
"On Balmer Island, where mopeds serve as a popular form of transportation, the population increases to 100,000 during the summer months. To reduce the number of accidents involving mopeds and pedestrians, the town council of Balmer Island should limit the number of mopeds rented by the island's moped rental companies from 50 per day to 25 per day during the summer season. By limiting the number of rentals, the town council will attain the 50 percent annual reduction in moped accidents that was achieved last year on the neighboring island of Seaville, when Seaville's town council enforced similar limits on moped rentals."
Write a response in which you discuss what questions would…Assumptions:

The author concluded that limiting the number of mopeds rental on Balmer Island will decrease the rate of moped accidents by 50%. He came to this conclusion based on some premises which if true, makes the argument valid. However, as it stands now, there are three unwarranted assumptions in the author’s claim which can impair the cogency of the argument.
Firstly, the author assumes that Balmer Island and Seaville Island are comparable, but this might not be true. The author claims that by emulating Seaville’s strategy in reducing the number of moped rentals will yield the same result in Balmer Island, thereby assuming that the two towns are the same. This is not necessarily the case, as it is possible that Balmer Island is more populous than Seaville, which might make the strategy to yield a result which is different from the Seaville’s. Also, both towns might have completely different road types. Balmer Island may have very bad roads while Seaville Island may have good roads. It is also possible that people in Seaville do not go out much, while Balmer Island residents are very outgoing. If any of the above cases proves true, then the author’s claim is largely weakened.
On the other hand, the author assumes that moped transportation is the only cause of accidents in Balmer Island, while this is possible, it might not necessarily be the same. The author claims that by reducing the number of rentals, there will be a decrease in accidents on the Island. However, there are other factors that might have led to the high accidents rates in Balmer Island besides the moped transportation, but the author ascribes these incidents solely to increased moped transportation. For instance, Balmer Island major roads might not be good enough and may be a big factor contributing to accidents, or the drivers in Balmer Island are very careless, and their carelessness might be the cause of numerous accidents. If any of these are proved true, then the author’s argument does not hold water.
Finally, the author assumes that reducing the number of moped rentals will automatically lead to a decrease in accidents rates, while this seems valid, it may not always be true. The author believes that there is a kind of causal and effect with reducing moped rentals and reducing accidents rates in Balmer Island, but this might be too far-fetched. For instance, it is possible that after the decrease in moped rentals in Balmer Island, there will be some other type of transportation systems which will also lead to more accidents. Likewise, the claim that there will be a decrease in the number of moped rentals does not mean that it will be decreased realistically. It is possible that these rentals companies have incentives to still be giving more mopeds out than they are supposed to do. If any of these cases are true, then the author’s claim is weakened.
In conclusion, the authors argument about that limiting the number of mopeds rental on Balmer Island to decrease the rate of moped accidents by 50% is plausible. However, without properly responding to the above assumptions on his argument, he lacked his persuasiveness.

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