The following appeared in a memorandum from the owner of Movies Galore a chain of movie rental stores Because of declining profits we must reduce operating expenses at Movies Galore s ten movie rental stores Raising prices is not a good option since we ar

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The following appeared in a memorandum from the owner of Movies Galore, a chain of movie-rental stores.

"Because of declining profits, we must reduce operating expenses at Movies Galore's ten movie-rental stores.
Raising prices is not a good option, since we are famous for our low prices.
Instead, we should reduce our operating hours.
Last month our store in downtown Marston reduced its hours by closing at 6:00 p.m.
rather than 9:00 p.m. and reduced its overall inventory by no longer stocking any
DVD released more than five years ago.
Since we have received very few customer complaints about these new policies,
we should now adopt them at all other Movies Galore stores as our best strategies for improving profits."

Write a response in which you discuss what specific evidence is needed to evaluate the argument
and explain how the evidence would weaken or strengthen the argument.

In a memo from the owner of Movies Galore, it was written that to reduce operating costs in the wake of declining profits, the store be closed at 6 pm instead of 9 pm and the inventory shall be refurbished to remove DVD's older than 5 years. However, the recommendation is based on the assumptions that people no longer view older movies, operating policies applicable in Marston holds good at all the branches, and more people will not complain in the future. The recommendation can be deemed viable after carefully evaluating these assumptions.

Firstly, it is assumed that movies that are older than 5 years are not considered by consumers and will reduce operating expense.
People may not watch all the old movies but tend to be attached to a certain classics, for example The Godfather, The Shawshank Redemption, Die Hard, etc. These are cult movies and followed by masses. All these are more than 25 years old but still attract people in viewing them again and again. Considering these type of movies as revenue busters would be a mistake and may actually reduce profits. Rather, instead of removing all the DVD's that are more than 5 years old, the DVD's that sell out the more on a recurring basis, have a better rating must be retained irrespective of their release time. In this way, the profit bearing movies would still be intact and other movie DVD's would be discarded thereby reducing the expenses.

Secondly, the owner assumes that the store in Marston Town and the rest of his stores in different parts of the country are same. What if the town has a limited population because of which there hasn't been much sales? What if people don't step out of their house after 6 pm due to the cold winter, thereby having empty sales during that period? A store in New York city may run till late 1 am and still end up having more sales in the evening than in the morning? The data accumulated at the Marston Town should be used to compare stores in similar environments, not on a generic basis. If the timings at which sales happen is recorded and noted down at each store, it may provide enough evidence to determine what part of the day the store shall be shut down, thereby minimizing expenses.

Thirdly, the owner assumes that there won't be any complaints from customers in the future. What if the customers were genuinely affected by these new reforms and may end up abandoning the Movies Galore?What if the customers at different towns are not as polite or accommodating as the people of Marston Town? There may be a possibility of people revolting these new reforms on time and end stop purchasing. The owner should carefully evaluate this situation by interacting with the customers first on these reforms before implementing them. If there any suggestions, they should be considered and the reforms must be modified accordingly.

The above argument is based on a number of assumptions. There is sufficient lack of evidence resulting in not having a viable outcome. Unless there is necessary evidence to the above mentioned unwarranted assumptions or necessary suggestive action taken before implementation, the argument shall remain flawed.

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