The following argument was made in a newspaper editorial:“The autonomy of any country is based on the strength of its borders; if the number of illegal immigrants entering a country cannot be checked, both its economy and national identity are endangere

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The following argument was made in a newspaper editorial:

“The autonomy of any country is based on the strength of its borders; if the number of illegal immigrants entering a country cannot be checked, both its economy and national identity are endangered. Because illegal immigrants pose such threats, every effort must be made to return them to their country of origin.”

Write a response in which you examine the stated and/or unstated assumptions of the argument. Be sure to explain how the argument Be sure to explain how the argument depends on these assumptions and what the implications are for the argument.

The countries autonomy is based on a number of factors like the mindset of the people residing, the patriotism, relations with the neighboring people, intentions of the people and also corruption. However, according to the article, the autonomy of any country depends upon the strength of its borders only. The article provides a general information to supports its argument with a number of flaws which could be highlighted.

To start with, as mentioned earlier, the autonomy of any country is based on wider spectrum of factors and not just the border. Though border is a symbol of autonomy, however it is not the only reason. For example, the people of the country who are corrupt might destroy the country and its autonomy from within. In such cases, an immigrant is not necessarily the culprit.

Secondly, the articles says about the illegal immigrants that need to be checked, but nowhere mentions what the actual intentions of these immigrants were. A many would have come in search for jobs from poor countries who wouldn't be allowed otherwise, to earn a livelihood. It might also happen that these immigrants purposely not checked by the border security in return for bribe. An immigrant might harm the economy and pose a threat to national identity, but the article mentions no evidence regarding this. The illegal immigrants may or may not harm the national integrity of the country.

Also, the author mentions that because the illegal immigrants pose threats they must be sent back to their respective countries. However, if these immigrants who actually came in search of job, form the baseline of every industry to carry out degraded work at lower rates, the removal of such people would directly effect the economy.

Lastly, if actually there are threats, important must be given to prevention, rather than putting all the power to cure it. Border must be safeguarded and every immigrant must be checked thoroughly and his background must be assessed. His real intentions should be noted and only then a conclusion must be made. Hence, the argument does provide information and threats on the immigrants, but fails to provide any occurrence of national threat.

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