Claim Nations should suspend government funding for the arts when significant numbers of their citizens are hungry or unemployed Reason It is inappropriate and perhaps even cruel to use public resources to fund the arts when people s basic needs are not b

Government of a country has a complex task of assigning budget allocation of every sector it governs upon, including arts. The government helps these sectors by providing them necessary funds which help them maintain and prosper which could eventually help the nations in terms of fame, relations, revenue,etc. The claim which suggest Nations should suspend government funding for the arts sector when there are significant number of other problems like poverty and unemployment faced by the nation, doesn't sound completely convincing and I mostly disagree with the claim for a couple of reasons.
Some might believe that eradicating hunger and increasing employment opportunities for the people is the primary responsibility of the government. Also it does sound to be a moral decision to help the poor and those in need. There have been instances in past in where governments have diverted funds or have charged extra tax on luxurious products to help the poor in times of crisis. For example during the Covid-19 crisis the government charged extra tax on liquor products so that revenue might be generated to help the migrant labors to provide them with free food.
However, suspending the funds arts when significant numbers of their citizens are hungry or unemployed is too harsh. Arts not only does generate revenue through tourism but it employs a significant number of people. It wouldn't be presumptuous to say that suspending the government funding will result in even greater increase in unemployment and also the government revenue will be reduced in the future, which clearly seems to be a long term predicament. For example, take the case of Statue of Liberty built in Gujarat,India. The govt spend millions of dollars but the fact that it provided hundreds of labors a chance to be employed. After the statue was built tourists from all over the world flooded to get a glimpse of the worlds biggest statue, thus giving rise to local jobs like tourist guides, restaurants, hotels, lodges,etc.
Moreover, as former President G. Bush said the arts and humanities "distinguish America as a world leader rather than merely a world power " .Arts helps to preserve the culture and heritage, passing along the state's unique character and traditions to the future generations. Arts help realize the goal of the 21st century. Arts education encourages creative thinking , analytical reasoning , effective communication and a sense of co operation. To suspend the funding of Arts isn't a solution but it's like opening a pandora's box which gives rise to even more problem. Hence the government should resort to some other solutions to eradicate the problem of unemployment and famishment.
The problem is too complex and may depend on the nations government to analyze the complexity of the problem and at times temporary funding may sound logically and a moral decision at times of crisis but the greater good of the nation shouldn't be neglected too.

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