Some people believe that government officials must carry out the will of the people they serve Others believe that officials should base their decisions on their own judgment

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Some people believe that government officials must carry out the will of the people they serve. Others believe that officials should base their decisions on their own judgment.

Some people argue that government officials must follow the will of people instead of basing on their own decisions. I agree insofar as taking people's will into account would serve people. At the same time, however, officials should make the crucial decision on the basis of their own judgment; otherwise, the structure of whole society will be impaired.

Taking people’ will into consideration would be beneficial in a number of respects. First if all, in the democratic countries, most common political situation around the world, government officials are elected by people, they are surely being elected to serve the people who grant them the vigorous power to improve the society. Moreover, the welfare of the general people should be the top priority concerned by government officials. Since they are allowed to have some privileges to serve the society. Furthermore, by serving people they are able to gain the trust among people and enhance their own reputation and seize the chance of being elected next time.

However, government officials carry out the will of people would pose certain problems, which might outweigh the benefits noted above. To begin with, government officials would be able to obtain certain classified information which is not opened to the public, and with the useful information, they should ignore some ridiculous requirements and concerns of the people in order to assure being on the right path of achieving the final goal officials set. Secondly, most people are selfish and only concern about their own benefits. For example, the government plan to implement a new policy of decreasing the amounts of plastic bags for saving the environment which is seriously polluted by these pollutions, but the policy failed to implement because of receiving lots of complaints from the companies which produce plastic bags. Thirdly, the officials should believe in their leadership and show it to the people. If every newly implemented policy being changed because of concerning people's complaints, the officials are prone to lose their trust among people.

In the final analysis, government officials should consider people's feelings for sure, but not cater to them in order to win the election next time. The optimal approach, in my view, is a balanced one that government officials should follow their way and make decisions based on their own judgments.

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