143. No field of study can advance significantly unless it incorporates knowledge and experience from outside that field.

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143. No field of study can advance significantly unless it incorporates knowledge and experience from outside that field.

The quality of education at college and university level cannot be emphasized enough for economic independence to an individual. In these days, knowledge is widely accessible without the help from education institutes such as a university. Delivering mere a set of knowledge is not an ideal form of university education. Universities should function as a platform which is providing an interaction between the learners and the faculties who have both exceptional experience and specialized expertise in order to make the curricular more updated and practical. In this sense, the speaker’s claim is fundamentally agreeable.

First, since virtually most of the academic areas provided by a university education system have their own way to be applicative to outside the academic world, understanding these applications is highly recommendable for students to comprehend the recent trend of relevant academic fields. Although, some pedantic scholars might argue that a large portion of academics do not rely on practical applications, however, in reality, even seemingly purely academic fields such as classic literature or theoretical linguistics can be used for practical purposes. For example, classical literature often can be the ample sources of media contents such as a historical drama. The study about the possibility of modern adaptation of classic has been widely accepted research field in class literature. Theoretical linguistics along with psycholinguistics has formed the theoretical backgrounds of second language classrooms. Thus, ignoring the possibility of practical applications of any academic areas is presumptuous. Rather, contemplating the adaptations of academic materials can be the opportunities which can expand the influence and the boundaries of the relevant learnings. Curricular designers should include these practical applications of academic materials in the courses to provide the students with the state of the art research.

Second, providing academic materials combined with real experience can be helpful for students to choose careers which are specifically relevant to their learning. College educators should admit the fact that not all the undergraduates students plan to apply graduation schools. Generally, the major of the faculty students preferably have jobs outside the academic society after their graduation. Although, universities cannot be considered as vocational training centers, the educators must serious about to design the curricular which can enable the students to find decent jobs which are requiring relevant studies and skill sets. For example, well trained students whose major is media science should be able to find occupations in press or media companies. Graduates of computer science should receive job offers as technicians as well.

In conclusion, demanding all faculties to experience outside of the university is desirable to develop the academic research and guarantee qualitative education for the major of students.

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