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College students should base their choice of a field of study on the availability of jobs in that field.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to

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Given that every significant choice will make various influences on induviduals, when taling about the choice of major, the college students should take more careful to the potential field they may select. As someone would suggest that the students should choose a promising major which can offer you a good job. In my opinion, it's a nightmare if a student has no interest in the major someone suggested previously. and no one would predict what is the promising major four years later at least. There are also some important field undiscovered which need us to explore, the college students should take the responsibilities to push the world forward.

With the classification of our society, there are more and more majors that the students can choose. It is a common sense that the we are more likely to focus on what we are good at , or what we are interested in at least. So here is the ocassion that with a good field which can offer good jobs while the student dosen't like it at all, the student would suffer four years of studying with the potantial promising jobs' dream. We can imagine the tough days he may confront.

What's more, after several years of studying, there is a high possibility that the once so-called promising job is overload by graduates and there is no more availability of the job at all.Due to the complexity of our society and the fast-changing trend of the wolrd, this situation is occuring everyday. Once the Mechanical Engingeeing was a very popular major that the graduates got proper jobs easily in Chian. Several years later, with the depression of real enterprise economy , this major was lost its golden palce among the students until now. It is very difficult to predict the future, so there is no warrants about the availabilty of jobs.

Another reason is that , we are living in a world where lost of area unknown for us. We do not know whether there are Martians on their panet where we could live in the future, and we haven't discovered why the sum of the natural integer(from 1 to n) is a positive number: -1/12. Some one may asserted the major like math is not useful for us today. While the quandrum force were also not useful to people decades ago which is the basic thesis of the Computers.As there are so many area we haven't disvoered which could benefit our human-beings, the students in the high education insittute should take the resposiblity to make the research if they really like them.

In conclusion, I believe there is not the only criterion, future promising jobs, of choosing major, the students in college should make a more wide target to culticate themselves in order to develop our beautiful world.

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