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"The study of history has value only to the extent that it is relevant to our daily lives."

Essay topics: "The study of history has value only to the extent that it is relevant to our daily lives."

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The speaker asserts that the study of history is valuable only when it is related to daily life. While he overlooks some beneficial respects of studying history although once it is not necessarily related to our current life, on balance I tend to agree that studying the history’s features and event being related to the contemporary life would be highly valuable.

Undoubtedly, studying and learning the history would provide the opportunity to expand our horizon and gain some useful knowledge about how to decide and behave in different situations. Since, by being aware of the previous people’s affairs and resulted consequences we figure out the probable and sometimes the exact result of any course of action. In other words, we can benefit from our ancestors’ failures and successes and also their situations and restrictions to construct an erudite collection of information about different consequences of various courses of action in different situations.

In addition, there are many people who are interested in studying history not for its instructive lessons but for their keen desire and curiosity or even for the fun of that. Therefore, studying history can be of high value for them to assuage their inclinations.

However, I concede that the essence of studying history is more sensible when it comes to be helpful in our daily life. We should raise our awareness about the important decisions and measures which prior people have adopted to progress or even survive in same situations as our current circumstances. It not only helps us not to repeat their mistakes but also provide the chance to tackle the same issues by considering their efficient treatments and trials.

Moreover, besides knowing how to behave in similar restrictions and difficulties and how to conduct specific activities, we would be gradually able to improve the past people’s actions towards more influential behaviors and prosper.

In sum, studying history merely for intrinsic demands to know about our precedents or for acquiring useful lessons holds specific value and importance. Nonetheless, the critical usages of history would be obviously the time when it is in relevance with our daily issues and problems.

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