We can learn much more from people whose views we share than from people whose views contradict our own

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We can learn much more from people whose views we share than from people whose views contradict our own.

People take various decisions based on their beliefs and how they perceive things in life. Humans easily connect with people who share the same views as themselves. This inhibits their ability to explore various views and stalls the expansion of their knowledge base. This led to my belief that, a lot can be learnt from views that contradict our own.

Firstly, views that contradict our own, can give us a totally unique perspective, which might not even be perceived by people. It is difficult for the human mind to comprehend different scenarios and process them simultaneously. So, a majority of the population, think only in a singular point of view. When our views are contradicted, it is difficult for people to accept the fact that their views are being contradicted. Once, we open the mind to start exploring contradicting views, a lot can be learnt from them. For instance, consider two friends trying to solve a mathematically complex problem, when trying to solve it, each of them is going to contradict the other by stating that his solution is the accurate one. Through these disparate perspectives on a single view, helps them understand each other's solutions and try to bring out the best one. Contradicting views would help a human mind to learn a completely new perspective. This can then help people to compare the two contradicting views and choose the best one. So, contradicting views help us in finding various possibilities of a thing or situation and can help us identify the best one and can help us learn more.

Analogous to the fact "Failure is the first step of Success", it can be stated that "Contradictory views are the first step to growth." Humanity has the ultimate power of introspection. This power helps us grow in many ways. All around the clock, we contradict our views, our own beliefs with our inner voice. When we
wish to do something, our heart tries to contradict this giving many negative examples. This helps us reconsider our wishes and can help us grow. For example, when people generally try to take a decision which is risky, the heart tries to reason with the mind by involuntarily stating contradictory instance which down the road help us in growing. A lot of contradictory views go in the process of introspection, this process of looking at ourselves from a different point of view helps in scrutinizing ourselves and can help us become a better person. In this process, we learn what is right and what is wrong, what should be done and what and many more. There are a few exceptions to my view. When we try to argue against our [positive traits due to someone else's remarks, we reach the heights of depression, which can, in turn, affect us. Even though, this is not the case all the time, contradicting ourselves help bring out our positive traits.

Finally, contradictory views can help find out the weaknesses in a person's work. Always, stuck with one point of view, will not let us decipher the loopholes in our work. The contrasting view of critics can help a person find the weakness in a person's work and can offer a helping hand for him to make it better. As an example, Da Vince, one of the greatest artists of all time was able to produce such beautiful artwork through the contradictory views of his critics. During his childhood, it was his parents who criticised his work, which brought the zeal within him to produce perfect artistic works. The Monalisa, one of the greatest painting ever painted was the result of many contradictory views.

To elucidate, views contradicting our own can bring out the best in us and also help us grow. Although, in the current world, it is difficult for people to let down their self-esteem and accept contradictory views.

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