Today more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult, such as the Sahara desert or the Antarctica.What are the benefits and disadvantages for tourists who visit such places?

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Being with the development of travel, difficult travelers who are ready to pay an amount of money to get desire trip. They often prefer to find a destination overseas and very special for them. To attract such customer a number of strange tours have opened where difficult place as desert and Ice land are the real challenges with them. However, there are advantages and drawbacks to such kind of tourist will be discussed.
The most important purposes for every tourism is to has a memorable experience and charge energy for the free life. Some people just choose a safe choice as going to a natural zoo, trekking around a national park where many others there at that time. But that is not enough. Nowadays, a trip to go Sahara or Antarctica gives that they never ever seen before. Learning skills how to survive and seek to water and protect themselves under high temperature as a hell in the daytime or keep them warm in the night time. Those are exactly what they want to take over their limitation. In addition, seeing a night sky is filled full by star without any noise will make everyone feel peaceful. In another hand, once the tourist can go to Antarctica, they can find a penguin, white bear or special fish. Furthermore, those destinations give a very natural scene that was never ever affected. it brings them an event that they can only one time in life. After all, the challenges make them strong and fresh to restart their work.
However, besides those advantages, the tourists face many dangerous problems during the trip. Normally, in order to pass that kind of places, each professional tourist or tourist guide has to train carefully and seriously. For example, Bear Grylls is a famous host show, He has taught survive skill to live in a difficult place without any support. Even that he still needs to check healthy and a good crew who give him advice. Hence, if the tourist is not familiar with a terrible condition, it is easy to lose and even though influence massively. Actually, in a recent notice, there a huge amount of people were lost in such places and it hard to find them in good health.
In short, although traveling broadens the minds, make us become stronger but in order to protect themselves, each tourist needs to consider carefully about where they want to go, how good their health is and how much experience they have to treat a harsh weather condition.

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