Do you agree or disagree with the following statement All university students should be required to take history courses no matter what their field of study is Use specific reasons and examples to support your answe

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:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? All university students should be required to take history courses no matter what their field of study is. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answe

By and large, it is established beyond doubt that universities and colleges are pushing back the frontiers of knowledge to advance the students in society. In this regard, the selection of the right courses for students is of paramount importance. There is no shortage of debate on whether students should require to take history courses during their degrees or not. If I were asked, I would disagree with the notion that history subjects should not be mandatory for all students' courses. In what follows, I will delve into the most crucial reasons to substantiate my viewpoint.
The first compelling reason corroborating my stance is associated with the idea that history subject has no practical use, therefore is wastage of time for students. To be more specific, history and archeology studies are just facts and stories of ancestors hence, provide no future job opportunities. For students who do take any interest in history, it is a wastage of time and effort. By the way of illustration, five years ago, when I chose the pharmacy profession, my university required me to take the history class every year. I worked strenuously to memorize all the historical facts and chronological events. Even, I could not pay proper attention to my compulsory subjects because of history's lengthy syllabus. Long story short, I graduated last year and applied for a job in a pharmacy. To my surprise, my job employer was not interested in my history knowledge and did not ask for that in job requirements. I felt like I wasted all my time memorizing that information that has no practical usage. If I had spent that time in my course study, I would have used my time productively.
The second exquisite reason behind my opinion is rooted in the fact that university's education purpose is to help students advance in their society. Since history education is limited to memorizing the facts, it will not help the students to achieve the goal of progress. On the other hand, science subjects are a multidirectional profession that leads the students to success. It is even being said that science of today is the technology of tomorrow. Therefore, it is not necessary to include history subjects in the curriculum for all students. It is worth mentioning that scientists, researchers, medical professionals and, engineers are the product of science studies. As a case in mind, last year, my brother's Engineering university lift the requirement to take history subjects for all students and motivated the pupils to participate in extra research class. it brought a significant difference in department. Last month, few students installed their own energy-efficient solar panels in the whole department. No doubt that's a big success just after a year of making this change.
Lastly, forcing students to take a subject that they don't feel interested in is not the purpose of university education. University students are different from the children, they are independent in their lives and are career-oriented. Forcing them to study a subject that they don't like will create anger and depression in them. They will try to resist the decision and that results in a stressful situation. As a case in mind, last year my cousin's Engineering university announced that now all the students had to take history classes, which were elective before. It filled anger amongst students. They first tried to solve the matter by discussing with professors that they did not think that history would help them in their professional careers. Later on, when their voice was not heard, they started to protest against the university decision and stopped attending the classes. This created a tense atmosphere in university, other students who were not involved in protest felt harassed to go to university. Ultimately, his university had to reconsider the decision of making history a compulsory subject. If the university had not made it mandatory, students would not have caused such trouble.
By perusing the above paragraphs, one can infer that the history course should not be beneficial, thus, not be mandatory. For the sake of brevity few points are worth reiterating. First, taking the history course will have no practical use. Second, students should focus on other areas of expertise and science subjects.

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