Do you agree or disagree with the following statement If people have the opportunity to get a secure job they should take it right away rather than wait for a job that would be more satisfying Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?If people have the opportunity to get a secure job, they should take it right away rather than wait for a job that would be more satisfying.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Under the influnece of epidemic and market saturation, complaints arise that the opportunity to find a satisfying job is decreasing drastically. However, some young people still state that even if there appeared a secure job they would stick to their optimal choice. As for me, I firmly stand that seizing the current opportunity will apprantly be a wiser choice compared to insist on the satisfying position. The detailed discussion will be as followed.

First and foremost, temporarily taking the less perfect job does not equate with abandoning the pursuit of a better job. Some may pessimistically mistaken the fact that their life will remain the same once they choose one job. Contrary to what they believe, taking the secure job will not only relieve the financial burdern but also accumulate working experiences as well, which equips the young generation with necessary resources and abilities required for the future. To put it another way, the seemingly ordinary or even boring occupation can pave the way to a promising dream position rather than just waiting the opportunity to appear itself. Continuously chasing after the stasifying job, by contrast, is just a waste of time given the severe competition of job market. The vacant yet appealing job position is more willing to open to those who have relative working experiences in the field.

Furthermore, taking the secure job indicates the wisdom of balancing and the courage to take responsibities. People will all encounter similar situation where they are forced to make unwilling decision. It seems more decent to always chase after the glamorous job and it is what people have been encouraged. The fact is that, by contrast, there are some people who actually need the job to support the family, say the only working father in the family. Take the example of my uncle, James, who was once dismissed by the corporation and started working as a client to pay the family bill afterwards. Only by finding a secure and stable job can James support the entire family where two daughters would enter the university even though he was previously a manager in the former company. James never viewed the job as loss of dignity, yet claim it a rather precious chance to take the resposiblities after losing the job. Therefore, for many people, choosing the stable job will enable them to solve the trouble and shoulder responisiblity.

To conclude, people should take the secure job if it is possible even though deep inside they are not satisfied with the current occupation. Through this safe job, they can accumulate experiences and learn useful knowledge, meanwhile starting to shoulder responsiblity as well.

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