Do you agree or disagree with the following statement It is important to know about events happening around the world even if it is unlikely that will affect your daily life Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is important to know about events happening around the world, even if it is unlikely that will affect your daily life. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It is widely accepted that nowadays with the development of societies so many events happenings around the world some people may hold the view that there is no need to be updated with all the events which would not affect their daily life. Some other, nonetheless, take an opposite point and believe that people should know about all the events even if it would not influence their daily life.
There is a controversial question which is raised in this area, what if we do not care about worldwide happenings? Personally, I have penchant toward the latter. In the next two paragraphs I will aptly delve into my reasons and I will cogently substantiate this perspective.
The first aspect to point out is that it most of the people likes to know about different events whole around the world because it would be entertaining for them to follow up the events. They can spend a lot of time to watch the events via television. My mother`s experience is a compelling example of this notion. She is housewife and she was getting bored often, then I asked her to follow up the American Got Talent which was one of the great shows. Now, she is happy that she can spend her spare time on an exciting event.
Another equally noteworthy point in corroborating my stance is that they can compete with other people around the world in higher levels. Each year, so many events for the sports are happening. So, catching up with this event not only it can be a good opportunity for sportsman to meet the best ones in each area but also it can be exciting for athletes to travel to another countries. In fact, this is a win-win game where sportsman can compete to get a better record and people who are watching them would spend their time on their desires.
Finally, yet importantly, another reason why I agree with this statement is the indisputable fact that we must be updated regarding the events happening around the world to have a development country. For example, two months ago, United stated had send two astronomers for the first time to the space to explore about a better place to live other than earth. However, till that time, I even did not consider it to send a person to space. By putting this in mind, the engineers in our country have started to make a space craft to imitate it from them. Had we not been able to follow up the events happening worldwide, we would have not experienced progress in our country.
To recapitulate, based on the aforementioned argues, I can logically draw the conclusion that being update with the events happening worldwide, can benefit them in many ways, from participating in competitions and gaining a lot of things to be entertaining; actually, There exist innumerable reasons and examples which champion my stance and are not mentioned above. If one weighs the merits and demerits of the above statement, one soon realizes that events are happening worldwide for the people and without participating people in direct or indirect ways those totally would be waste of time.

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