Do you agree or disagree with the following statement The most important ways to improve the people s health is to clean the environment

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
The most important ways to improve the people’s health is to clean the environment.

With the development of technology and industry, the world has changed significantly. This development led to people’ lives more convenient, but on the other hand, it led to many environmental problems which are gradually affecting people’s health. When it comes to a point whether the most significant way to ameliorate people’s health is to clean the environment, individuals’ opinions differ from person to person. While some claim that our health is improved only by the amelioration of environmental conditions, I , on the contrary, contend that the lightened pollution on the environment does not make definite influences onto people’s health conditions unless they had focus more on their daily lives.

To commence with, one of the most compelling reasons in advocacy of the thesis is that people is damaging their health due to lack of exercises. While the prevailing of technological devices favored due to the replacement of human beings’ activities they offer, it also robbed chances for people to get their bodies moved. In other words, they made people’s lives more sedentary. For instance, robots cleaning the floor is allowing individuals to abandon the troublesome and calorie-burning floor cleaning chores; remote-working allows individuals to avoid taking long distance travels to attend meetings or making presentations; all transportation means help people to not using much energy to arrive to a far place. As a result, individuals are spending much less time moving their bodies. In Japan, the average time people spend sitting on chairs in about eight hours a day, creating many diseases such as stiff necks, obesity and so on. This is a significant problem that is contributed directly to people’s lives.
What is more, the ruined diet is also playing an important role in the deteriorated health. Compared to the past, individuals are gaining more chances to get a variety of food, resulting in the pursuit of price and taste instead of nutrition for food. Junk food is favored dues to its convenience, low prices and delicious taste. However, these food leads to a tremendous disaster to our bodies. Take my nephew Hachi as an example, He loves junk food very much that he always rush to burger shops or ice-cream shops immediately when going outside. With the too much intake of sugar and salt, he therefore became obesity and nearly got diabetes. However, when he started to study about nutrients and commenced with a balanced diet, his body gradually shifted to a fitter level. This implies that people can change their health condition in a direct way when they take care of the diet.

Admittedly, pollutions are inevitable and is creating an enormous problem germane to people’s health. Air pollution, water pollution and so on is equally making damages to people’s health and also making the environment unsustainable. But actually these problems had to be solved in a long run by everyone’s efforts, which in turn do not necessarily change people’s health conditions immediately. What people should take serious more is onto their daily lifestyles.
In conclusion, although it is undeniable that environment deteriorations is a serious factor regarding to the bad condition of individuals’ health, many other aspects that are able for individuals to pay attention and face sincerely in their daily lives have more important role on the issue.

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