Do you agree or disagree with the following statement People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment doing things they like to do rather than doing things they should do Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment-doing things they like to do-rather than doing things they should do. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Concerning the issue whether people nowadays spend too much of their time doing their favorite activities instead of doing things that are necessary to them, people hold different opinions. Some people strongly assert that many young people are working hard as the day passes to contribute to the development of our society and hardly have any time left to relax, let alone doing what they like. The rest do not accede to this way of thinking and claim that the abovementioned situation is exactly opposite to what is really happening in real life and that many people are distracted from their essential jobs because of their considerable attention put on the activities that they enjoy. As far as I am concerned, I am in favor of the idea that many people in the 21st century are becoming ignorant of what they should do and focus too much on doing the things they like.

To start out with, the reasons why I believe that people are spending too much time on doing what they love rather than doing important things are innumerable and that their proliferating obsession with modern technology is undeniably a major one. Internet and modern technologies such as televisions, smartphones have been dominating people's daily life in the recent years thanks to the rapid development of sciences. These technologies have no doubt brought many benefits to human beings, and one of it is the inexhaustible entertainment sources. Because of the joys they can gain from using social media, people start to become addicted to these technologies and can spend their whole day gluing their eyes to their smartphones' or televisions' screens. Their craze for just a few clicks on the phone gradually accumulates and eventually play a role in distracting them from their important tasks. As you can see, because people's obsession with social media is surging with a fast pace, they will spend most of their time browsing the internet or watching television programs instead of doing their important jobs.

Another reason why I deem that young people spend too much time on their personal enjoyment and forget what they should do is their illusion of their stressful life and urgent need for relax. Certainly, it is completely necessary for people to have free time to relax and pursue their hobbies. Nonetheless, in most cases, people usually overstep the boundary and allow themselves a considerable amount of time spent on relaxing. By way of illustration, consider a case in my father's company. One of my father's colleagues was reported to always run late on his assignments because the time he spent on the tasks is very little compared to the time he spent on his leisure activities. As he was threatened to be fired from the job, he started to seek for the fundamental reason why he always lacked time to do his jobs and had profuse time when it comes to his personal interests. His poor time management was caused mainly by his illusion that for any young people, life must always be burdensome and strenuous because of their paying too much attention to their careers and having almost no time to relax. This idea led him to believe that his work was stressful, and, thus, he would need to spend more time to relax for the sake of his mental and physical well-being. This story taught me that young people can spend much of their time on their leisure activities and little on their necessary tasks due to their flawed idea of the stressful office work.

In brief, for the reasons explored above, I adopt a firm position that in the overwhelming majority of instances, young people spend too much of their time relaxing and pursuing their interests instead of putting effort in their important work.

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