Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should recieve equal financial support.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should recieve equal financial support.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the establishment of universities, colleges, and other educational institutions <span id="seid0" seid="0" class="gerrorbc">provide</span> student with a plethora of opportunities to be equipped with the most potent weapon, which is called knowledge. <span id="seid1" seid="1" class="gerrorbc">while</span> many <span id="seid2" seid="2" class="gerrorsc">are of the opinion</span> that the budget allocated to the universities and colleges should just be spent on education, others strongly believe that so important are sports and social activities that should receive an equal budget. <span id="seid3" seid="3" class="gerrorbc">Personally</span> speaking, I agree with the idea of equality of the budget for sports and social activities and classes and libraries. In the ensuing lines, I will discuss two outstanding reasons to elaborate on my response.

The first reason is that the universities are multifaceted places which grant students an excellent opportunity to improve their social activities, to increase the scope of their friendships, and <span id="seid4" seid="4" class="gerrorsc">last but not least</span>, to learn how to communicate appropriately with others. Entering the university is just the beginning of a life-long journey of <span id="seid5" seid="5" class="gerrorsc">getting</span> educated in the first place, making new friends, and communicating. For example, when I was a freshman, I was a shy girl, not only had <span id="seid6" seid="6" class="gerrorgu">I</span> <span id="seid7" seid="7" class="gerrorbc">great</span> difficulty in making friends, but also I was too nervous to talk in front of the class. That problem was affecting all aspects of my life until I joined a club of social communicating. Having attended those programs at university, I could overcome my nervousness and become more relaxed when I was talking to others. Eventually, I became a successful person in my field and social life at work, as well as the university. If the university did not have funded that social club, never would have I mastered my social powers.

Another noteworthy point that <span id="seid8" seid="8" class="gated-error">comes</span> to my mind is that educational <span id="seid9" seid="9" class="gated-error">centres</span>, such as universities and colleges, should provide conditions in which <span id="seid10" seid="10" class="gated-error">students</span> take the chance to recognize their talents in all areas, for example, sports. Also, they must emphasize the importance of doing exercise and the way it affects one’s health. To illustrate, when I was a student, generous amounts of donations were made to the university by anonymous <span id="seid11" seid="11" class="gated-error">persons</span>. At first, the dean of the university decided to spend the entire budget on renewing the libraries and classes. However, most of the staff petitioned for a sports club to be used by both students and the employees. In just two semesters after building the sports club, our university could receive dozens of awards in a lot of sports events. If the university did not have provided such opportunities, students would not have discovered their talents and would not have got those awards. <span id="seid12" seid="12" class="gated-error">In a nutshell</span>, although some people think that universities should remain as a place solely <span id="seid13" seid="13" class="gated-error">for educating</span>, social and physical activities are parts of this education because of the abovementioned reasons.

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