Do you agree or disagree with following statement?A person should never make an important decision alone.

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Do you agree or disagree with following statement?
A person should never make an important decision alone.

In the modern society, the people are in the challenge of the making crucial decision. While some people are convinced to make the important decision lonely; others, on the other hand, believe otherwise. I personally agree with the first belief. In the following paragraphs, I will delve into the most outstanding reasons which persuade me to put forward this perspective.

The first reason which advocates my outlook is that the responsibility of the issue about which a person makes a decision is entirely up to him. In fact, there is no matter who says what; the outcome will be related to that person. In this situation, it is lucidly obvious that if the decision made by the other person and faces the error, she or he will not accept that his or her advice leads to this failure. However, the responsible person who asked to make the decision is blamed for his careless. A vivid example can be given to shed light on the subject is my instance. I am an architect, and I work in an office. In one project, I was the responsible for the interior design, and I had to render the final design. Even though I was eager not to use particular motifs in the design, my coworker attempted to convince me that that motif would be appropriate for my design. As a result, I altered my design, and it did not be accepted by my head designer. Moreover, he blamed me for my bad scheme.

The second factor which shapes my idea is that no one’s perspective is not as in-depth as the primary person's angle. Indeed, the individual who is in the currents of the events is more aware that what are causes and results. Based on this chasm understanding, the seeking for the decent option will be comfortable for that person. According to the noteworthy, intelligence survey conducted in my country, approximately sixty-five percent of the individuals in the critical conditions, are able to address the problem in the half-fold quicker than others who do not encounter that atmosphere. This static cogently explicates that the most practical decision is made by the individual who faces the situation for the sake of his prolific perspective from the condition.

Nevertheless, some people may assume that the integration of the various advice can be accountable for the situation in the best case. However, they overlook this subtle point that the time management is crucial, and the arrangement of the different ideas in the short span is an arduous task. As a matter of fact, each person surmises that his advice is the best option, if an individual is inclined to make a decision based on the different information, it seems impossible for that person to address his problem in the adequate time given. Hence, the efficacy of the comprehensive advice is meaningless.

To wrap it up, based on the aforementioned reasons, one can logically draw the conclusion that the important decision should be made by the sole person; since he is the chief responsible, he has the deep outlooks from the condition, and the best option in the sufficient time is rendered lonely by one person. All in all, I firmly recommend that the crucial decision should be made by the one person.

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