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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?When classmates or colleagues communicate about a project in person instead of by e-mail, they will produce better work for the project.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Talking face-to-face on all matters is valuable. However, the best option is to send an email. In today's, classmates or colleagues sending email to each other, which is most of the time is easier than seeing each other.

First, time has always been a big part of human lives. And humans try to achieve all of their daily activities in a specific time frame. With the advances in technology and the abundance of smartphones, students no longer go to group meetings as they used to, because they easily email each other, but in the past, people have had to go to meeting, even If they lived in different places, they would have had to attend meetings. But now, has made things much easier. Students also find more time to study. For example, when I was a biology student, we had many projects, and I always emailed what I found to my friends, we finished a 500 pages project in less than two hours, while others were discussed and at the end of the their meeting didn't finish their project, and also we always got better grades in exams because we had more time to study than them.

Second, email tends to be more reliable and secure, than meeting in person. In face-to-face meetings we have to discuss a topic or listen to repetitive topics and take notes all the time so that we don't forget something later. But when we send emails, we send all the useful and important stuff to the other person without any additional information. I remember, I had a classmate who was very talkative, he always talked too much in professional meetings that had not any related to the subject. Once one of the members suggested that we send the email to the group head instead of gathering together, and that was the best idea, because we no longer had to listen to the repetitive words of others.

In conclusion, talking at meetings is good, but time is a priority in the lives of all people. So, anything that takes less time is more affordable in today's lives.

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