The government wants to fund one of the following areas to improve children s education Which one do you think is better Why hire more teachers to teach in a small class make preschool education before kindergarten mandatory provide some training co

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The government wants to fund one of the following areas to improve children's education. Which one do you think is better? Why?- hire more teachers to teach in a small class- make preschool education before kindergarten mandatory- provide some training co

governments have been always trying to improve the educational system because they exactly know how a productive educational system contributes to enhancing the country’s future. Therefore, by investing money in this section they want to guarantee their future generation. There are various ways to improve students’ education such as hiring more teachers to have a smaller class with fewer students, providing some courses to enhance teachers’ performance in the class or oblige children to go to a preschool before kindergarten. I, personally, think that hiring more instructors to have smaller classes is the most effective way to improve children’s education for two main reasons that I will elaborate on in the following paragraphs.

First and foremost, a small class makes more opportunities for children to participate in the class’s discussions. Declaring personal ideas and exchanging viewpoints are crucial factors in the learning process. When a teacher is talking about a concept or teach the lessons, many questions will arise in the student’s minds. In a classroom with many attendances, students do not have a chance to speak equally; hence, some of them will be deprived of engaging in the class and participate actively. A personal example can drive this notion home. When I was a student in elementary school, I lived in a small city with a low population of students in the class. Therefore, after each question teacher asked the answer from all of us. Therefore, such a class was conducive to our education dramatically.

Second, teachers in a big class with a large number of students will be exhausted and are lea likely to stay productive for whole the workday. It goes without saying that teachers have many tasks in the class such as teaching, answering questions, checking homework, to name but a few. Normally, the more students a class has, the more labor a mentor has and as a result, the less productive the mentor is. To elucidate on, in the class that I mentioned in the above, had our class had many children, our teacher would not have been energetic, and would not have spent a lot of time to ask questions from each of us.

In conclusion, taking two mentioned reasons into account, I do believe that hiring more teachers to have a smaller class is the better choice to enhance the educational situation. In this way, not only children learn more in the class, but also teachers stay more productive for whole the day.

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