The government wants to fund one of the following areas to improve children s education Which one do you think is better Why hire more teachers to teach in a small class make preschool education before kindergarten mandatory provide some training courses

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The government wants to fund one of the following areas to improve children's education. Which one do you think is better? Why?
- hire more teachers to teach in a small class
- make preschool education before kindergarten mandatory
- provide some training courses so that teachers can be more professional

Supporting schools by governments is one of the important factors in developed and developing countries. Governments should assign a budget to make progress on students’ education. In my opinion, the government ought to provide some training courses for teachers to become experts. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.
The first factor which advocates my outlook is that if teachers become up-to-date, they will teach students by using high-advance technology properly. To clarify, professional teachers trained by expert trainer would be able to deal with high-level devices, such as working with video projection instead of common black-board, laptops, telecommunication at the time of crisis, to name but a few, so students will be able to take benefits and learn easily since these devices have been designed in order to modify children’s learning. Nonetheless, mandatory education may have a negative impact on students. Consequently, governments should not squander their money. For example, in the united states, the American government has been allocating balance-budget for amendment education infrastructure for 20 years by adding computers, microphones, etc. Students were quickly becoming getting to know these devices when they were added. As a result, not only having many students abandoned schools came back but also others find it easier than traditional courses which were boring; thus, the more occupational teachers, the more high-educated students.
The second important factor is that trainers at classes which would hold for general teachers would educate them on how to behave well toward their apprentice and identify innovative students. In this view, expertise teachers, taking courses aided by regimen, will be able to separate students according to their academic ability. Therefore, grouping by ability will help teachers to recognize students’ potential and improve it. However, hiring mundane teachers without spending expertise training classes would be impractical since they cannot distinguish a student’s potential. For instance, the Japanese Government has spent so much money to improve their students’ education by training educators since 2001. They observed that professional teachers have been able to divide children by high and low-level groups so that high-level students learned faster, and low-level students could benefit from a slower pace.
To sum up, the government should support schools with money to improve student’s knowledge. I believe that progressing students’ education should be supported by government funding. This is because training teachers can improve student’s abilities due to working with the high-tech system in and because they can recognize the student’s ability.

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