Imagine that you are a student at a university where there are long breaks between semesters. The university requires all students to do one of the following for one month during the break.a. Students must take a course which has no direct connection to t

In today's fast-paced and technology world, university plays a vital role in orienting thoughts and make life easier. Throughout the history, university or knowledge helps people triumph over obstacles and achieves success. A controversial question regarding this issue is whether it is good idea that in breaks between semesters of university take other course that does not related to a person’s field of study or otherwise. Some people believe that it is a fantastic idea, due to a person can be familiar with other field and getting new idea to flourishing, whereas others disagree. I am of the opinion that; the more being familiar with diverse field and diverse people with different thoughts, the more a person can have remarkable progress for some reasons. In ensuing line, I will address the more discernible reasons.

The first exquisite point to be mentioned is that, by taking these course one can learn extra useful things. In fact, human is always looking for substantial knowledge and thing in order to prosper specially one who love science. One of my friends, for example, his field of study was chemistry, but he had often come with me in my class that was physics. He was often seeking to new thing to utilize that thing for his project. Therefore, by taking these courses you can, lean a new thing about this field and is very nice for everyone.

Another noteworthy aspect that should be reflected in this explanation is that, participating in these course can bring new idea that help to make progress. Indeed, in today's state-of-the-art world, every new thing that you are learning, bringing new idea and inducing creativity of human. Take a personal experience as an example, my field of study is physics; when I was in last year of university, I fall in an incredible problem concerning my master's project. Once, I went to computer program class with my friend; I found everything that I needed to solve my problem, I got huge idea and after class I went to my supervisor and talked to him regarding this new idea, and he welcomed to me about this idea. This experience taught me that, going to different class with different field of study leads to invoke new idea that very momentous for every student.

Last but not least, going to these classes one can be familiar with new friend and also new reputation professor in this field. Needless to say, when you go to new place e.g., work environment, new university or in new class, you would be familiar with new people and can find new friend with notable thought. For example, once in a summer between my semester in first year of study, I participated in programming class, in the class I was familiar with one of my great friends, he was a hacker and had a good reputation in web development. He taught me very useful things about designing website and application in Android, so by these new thing I could have made money and made progress in my field of study.

In light of these crucial reasons, I have strictly come to believe that taking differed course that is not related to field of study not only can bring new idea and make big progress in study, but also leads to be familiar with new good friends.

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