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Leaders like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King have made important contributions to the people of the United States. Name another world leader you think is important. Give specific reasons for your choice.

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The history of humanity already had a lot of leaders and most of them are dead, for example, President Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Others leaders still alive, for example, Pope Francisco which is the person that I think is the greatest leader nowadays.

First of all, Francisco has started his papacy in a moment that the Catholic church has been passing a bad moment because the other pope did not be so popular because he changed some laws that they are not good to some people. The main point of the Francisco administration is helping the poor, visit the people in the jail. Doing this, the community has started to have the same feeling and they have done the same thing. In addition, Francisco became closer to the leaders of another religion.

Second, Pope Francisco assumed some mistakes committed by the Catholic church in the past and people stopped to complain about these issues. I remember when he wrote down one note on his twitter account about this, I was in my university in and people around me become to be happy and talking how good this was to humanity because is import to assume the responsibility about our acts. This changed my life because was hard to imagine how someone can point off their own problem even though a huge problem and may affect all the authority.

Thirdly he is very popular and respected, people believe in what he says about, actually, they did not use to like the church and people there. Because of the Pope Francisco ways to approach some problems some of they, in fact, started to go to the church. I have a friend he always said to me that he will never go to church because he was homosexual. After Pope Francisco demonstrated love for everyone no matter who are, he started to feel loved and he went to church and unbelievable he became a priest.

In conclusion. Pope Francisco revolutionized the Catholic church, demonstrating love, friendship, and

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