Question Do you agree or disagree with the following statement In the past young people depended too much on their parents to make decisions for them today young people are better able to make decisions about their own lives Use specific reasons and examp

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Question :Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In the past, young people depended too much on their parents to make decisions for them; today young people are better able to make decisions about their own lives. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Controversy exists over whether youngers are more dependent on their parents to make a decision for them or not. In my opinion, youngers, nowadays, have more freedom in decision making in comparison to the past.

The first reason to point out is that today young people are more independent to make the proper decisions. In the past, education was restricted to a certain section of society, and only young persons of wealthier families would have access to the best learning opportunities. At that time, for example, many young people from the middle class were given the advice to learn a profession and find a secure job. Some of them had to follow their parent’s jobs. But, today, free schooling is available and young people can pursue to choose a qualification based on their desires. Another great disparity is around the rule of relationships that are being eroded. Young individuals in higher education can make their own decisions about their friends and who and when to marry. In addition, when they become older, they may experience a change in the role of gender. They can make their own decisions which parental role each partner takes. In the past, the traditional role of men and women, as breadwinners and housewives, are no longer accepted asappropriate and necessary by younger generations. They could decide who stays at home and who goes to work depending on their personal preferences, and based on which partner earns more money.

Another more subtle point is that advances in technology can influence young people’s decisions. Our life has gone through great changes since technology came into being. It provides a new a different way for younger to make their own decision based on updated information. They can search for the best major which is applicable in the future and follow it in higher education. Furthermore, by using emails and services like Skype, they can make friends and find someone who shares a common interest in other countries. In this term, technological developments help teens to engage with more people from a huge variety of backgrounds. As a result, by exchanging and discussing over different subjects, they could make the best decisions in various aspects with regard to their futures, which would be impossible in the days before technological developments.

In conclusion, young people, nowadays, could make their own decisions without help from their parents because not only are they more independent, but also they have access to the more advanced technology. Now, who says youngers are more dependent on their parents for decisions making?

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