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TPO 29

The article states that a hundred million years ago, the climate on Alaska's North slope was too cold and hard for dinosaurs to survive. Nevertheless, one of the most common spices which could alive there is a big spicy named Edmontosaur. This dinosaur spicy survived the winter by migrating to an environment with medium weather in winter. The author provides three reasons to support the claim about the Edmontosaur's movement to the south. However, the professor explains that the reading reasons are not convincible and refutes each of the reasons.
First of all, the reading claims that as the Edmontosaur ate plants during the harsh winter, it had to immigrant to regions with mild climates to find food resources. The professor refutes this opinion by saying that the North Slope's sunshine period was more than today and sometimes reached about 24 hours. So, this matter caused an infinite food resource for them. They ate live plants during the summer and ate death in winter.
Secondly, the article posits that while Edmontosaurs live in a herd, and many today animal species living in herds are immigrants, it is good evidence to support the allege that Edmontosaurs were immigrants. However, the professor says that some animal species live now, which contradicts this claim because they live in herds but do not immigrate. The professor provides an example of a large plant-eater in the Western United States that lives in hers but does not move frequently.
Third, the reading says that the Edmontosaurus' ability to move on long distances with an appropriate pace, about 5 kilometers per hour, supports this hypothesis. The professor opposes this point by saying that this ability is only for elders and youngers could not move long distances and die if their elders left them alone and immigrated.

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