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TPO 45 integrated writing skill

According to the reading passage, author lists three evidence to support the theory that these very old fossil structures that resemble bee nests does not belong to bees, since, lecturer holds opposite views and stated that it is possible that these structures were made by bees. Also she mentions some competing theories, which contradict passage's arguments.
Firstly, the essay assumes that no fossil remains of reall bees have ever been found that date to 200 million years ago. However, the listening material claims that if bees cannot preserved these fossilized trees, it does not mean that bees did not exist before these trees.
Secondly, the writer indicates that because bees feed almost exclusively on the flower of flowering plants, and these flowering plants did not exist 200 million years ago, thus it is unlikely bees could have existed before the time. On the contrary, the speaker states that it is possible that bees existed before flowering plants because they feed on non-flowering plants, so, they could have existed before flowering plants.
Finally, the passage discusses that fossilized structures found in Arizona lack some of the finer details of bees nests such as caps that have spiral pattern. In contrast, the lecturer suggests that chemical evidence supports the theory that distinctive chemical compositions used by modern bees were already common substance that used by ancient bees.

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