TPO 46 integrated writing skill

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TPO 46 integrated writing skill

According to the reading passage, author lists three theories to support advantages of electronic databases over traditional paper-based record keeping, since, lecturer holds opposite view and she states passage's arguments are uncertain. Also, she points out some competing theories, which contradict to passage's arguments.
Firstly, the essay assumes that use of electronic records can help reduce costs by saving money on storing and transferring medical records. However, the listening material claims that by implementing this method there will not be any saving, because most of the doctors keep paper records, so, they still have to pay storage costs to keep those records.
Secondly, the writer indicates that electronic medical records are crucial to reducing the chances of medical errors. On the contrary, the speaker mentions that doctors still use the pen in paper and they take notes to include patient's information into their documents, thus, staff members have to interpret those notes.
Finally, the passage discusses that with the existence of electronic medical records, it would be simple to draw out the needed information from the medical databases. In contrast, she reckons that it is difficult to access medical information, because privacy laws are required to be followed strictly, consequently, doctors need permission by patients to do this, for example, patients can block the use of their records.

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