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The article states that a fossil skeleton of a dinosaur species called Sinosauopteryx were recently found in volcanic ash in Liaoning, china. These fossils had some lines around their bones which indicates that they probably were the animal's feathers. The author says about critics' opinion which claim that these lines could not be feathers and provide three reasons to support. However, the professor explains that the evidence are very strong and the critics' reasons are not convincible. She refutes each of the author's reasons.
First of all, the reading claims that those fine lines would not represent a part of the animal's body and these lines might be decomposed animal’s skin into fiber. The professor refutes this opinion by saying that as these lines are not found in other animals fossils in that area it likely be from a main part of Sinosauopteryx. Also, the composition of decomposed fiber is difference from one that found in that fossil.
Secondly, the article posits that these structures might remain from the animal's another part, probably frills instead of feathers. However, the professor says that the chemical composition of feathers are completely different from frills. Feathers has a kind of protein named Beta-carotene though frills do not have that. The chemical analysis of the Sinosauopteryx fossils shows considerable amount of Beta-carotene.
Third, the reading says that the locations of the lines shows that they could not act as feathers. Regular feather's function is regulating their body temperature and help them to fly. The professor opposes this point by explaining that another feathers' function is displaying and show off. New researches shows that the lines were a composition of orange and white and this evidence show that they likely be the animals feathers.

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