1.1.The following appeared in a memo from a vice president of a manufacturing company."During the past year, workers at our newly opened factory reported 30 percent more on-the-job accidents than workers at nearby Panoply Industries. Panoply produces prod

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1.1. The following appeared in a memo from a vice president of a manufacturing company.

"During the past year, workers at our newly opened factory reported 30 percent more on-the-job accidents than workers at nearby Panoply Industries. Panoply produces products very similar to those produced at our factory, but its work shifts are one hour shorter than ours. Experts say that fatigue and sleep deprivation among workers are significant contributing factors in many on-the-job accidents. Panoply's superior safety record can therefore be attributed to its shorter work shifts, which allow its employees to get adequate amounts of rest."

Write a response in which you discuss one or more alternative explanations that could rival the proposed explanation and explain how your explanation(s) can plausibly account for the facts presented in the argument.

The vice president of manufacturing company in his note makes a dubious comparison about the percentage of incidents occurred in his company with a nearby Panoply Industries; furthermore, by consideration of shaky reference to experts’ idea about the tiredness and lack of sleep, make a conclusion the main reason for the last report about the on-the-job accidents is because of the long working shifts in his company. This conclusion cannot be accepted as it stands since it relied on the series of skeptical clues and for its verification require further explanations which will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

The first issue with the note is about the fallacious comparison of the newly-established company with Panoply Industries, a concrete comparison take place in the case which two cases have the identical situations and parameters till the comparison action takes according to the logic and valid data; otherwise, it would be the comparison of oranges and apples. For instance, in this note the only, identical feature at both industries which is mentioned is the level of hardiness of duty in both company; however, there is no description about the crux factors such as the working condition, Labors’ level of knowledge and expertise about working and handling the machines, or controlling system for possible hazardous in the companies to make the comparison of two companies. If from the mentioned factors, the factor of the level of knowledge and expertise is considered for further consideration, there will be the possibility of a difference between two companies. For instance, the newly-opened company since is in his initial phase of occupation, there is a possibility that the employed worker forces are from a group of people who has no idea about the working and its required techniques. Besides, for the sake of this insufficient information, the on-the-job accidents take places. Therefore, this comparison requires further explanation about the level of expertise and other parameters to get the credits as a reference for comparison.

The second problem is with the experts’ unclear sentence that accounts the tediousness and sleeps deprivation as the substantial factors for the on-the-job hazards; because, other parameters are overlooked with this short and general sentence which may not have the same effect as the fatigue and lack of sleep, but are that much insignificant to be overlooked. For example, one of these parameters is the safety level of working environments for the labors, there is the probability that this factor is not as crucial and the amount rest took by labors; however, the dangerous working condition, regardless of workers’ level of alertness can lead to serious disasters. As long as, there is no information about the safety factor of the working environment at this newly-opened factory, the highlighting of this experts’ sentence as the mere reference for the reasons of the currently-happened accidents in the company is doubtful and unreliable.

Finally, the end of the note the vice-president assumes that the high-level of safety index in Panoply Industries is for the sake of an hour shorter working shift and restful working forces in this company; which is shaky and skeptical. Even premised that the fatigue and loss of alertness are main reasons of the occurred hazards in the company, there is clue and evidence that this one-hour shorten from the working shift will be allocated for the sleep by the labors, and they do not spend it for their individual chores. For the sake of lacking guarantee about this deviation, this surmise cannot be accepted too.

To wrap it up, all the aforementioned reasons and evidence explicitly depict the dubious of the note its requirement for further explanation.

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