In order for any work of art — for example, a film, a novel, a poem, or a song — to have merit, it must be understandable to most people.

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In order for any work of art — for example, a film, a novel, a poem, or a song — to have merit, it must be understandable to most people.

While most popular arts known in the world, it is hard to guarantee that their merits are understandable by most people or they are worth for its understandable spirit. Apart from being understandable, the merits of arts obtain from the works’ everlasting spirit, which derives from its novel, deep meaning, and history.

Although the catchy and understandable art can be popular, its merits did not only live on it. It is very acceptable for most teenagers that popular art is very catchy and colorful so it gains many attentions so that seems very popular and worth to follow. For example, the songs of Taylor Swift are full of easy lyrics and rhythms always hit on the top board of the most popular artists. Undoubtedly, her work contributed to popular art’s development because of its lucid. However, except Taylor’s songs, a large number of songs only had been popular for a little while because of their easy understanding characteristics. Oppositely, those songs tried to be popular lost their merits while struggling to be understandable to most people. To contrast, many rock and metal bands have their loyal fans for their confusing meaning and complicated peculiarity.

Some of the arts living for its history, which inspire the living of human being in a peaceful contemporary. That art such as oil paintings created by Munch, from the middle era of Europe, one of most his famous work named “screaming”, reflects the deep fear and anxiety of people’s inner world generated in the society was rejected by many people in his era because the craziness the painting tried to express, but have many fans for its echo to mental problems in the modern world now. Therefore, even some arts were hardly accepted by a typical era, it might become famous and popular on a different period. The merits of those arts are being inspiring and complex, none of its desire to be famous because of its understandable back to the time when it was created.

Also, many arts in Metropolitan museum are world-famous statues, paints mix with classic and modern, are getting more understandable by the public thanks to the education development and many tour guides explain the deep meaning and the way to appreciate the work for free. However, many of the arts had never intended to be understood by the public for its goal of a portrait of elites, kings, and queens, or its religious purpose. Those arts are famous and always be famous by generation even though at the beginning, it is seldom to be known and very difficult to be understood.

Therefore, arts, not matter in what kind of forms, becoming popular for being appreciated by most of the people of its understandable are only a small part of them. In the kingdoms of arts, there are many styles and reasons for the arts to be created and be known by some people because of its merits.

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