Happiness is considered very important in life.Why is it difficult to define?What factors are important in achieving happiness?

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Happiness is considered very important in life.
Why is it difficult to define?
What factors are important in achieving happiness?

Happiness is very indispensable in our life. Chiefly because, this feeling is an incentive for our life and we try to do diverse activities in order to be happy.

To begin with, happiness is an abstract existence like each feeling. Therefore, to identify this feeling is very difficult for us. To my way of thinking, the first reason of this difficulty is that, each person has diverse character which entails various thoughts related with happiness. For one thing, for a greedy person happiness means wealth, a wide range of possessions, money and for a hard-working person this feeling is got when he succeeds in his work or education, for an ill person happiness is reached, if he attains his health and so on.

As regards factors being necessary for attaining happiness, from my perspective, a great deal of factors are able to be seen. Unfortunately, sometimes people do not want to take some factors for granted being the source of happiness, even if they own these factors such as happy family, kind-hearted friends, health, success in work life, etc. Thus, in case we are surrounded by our family, supported by faithful friends in disappointing moments or hard situations, have abilities like hearing, noticing the beauties of the world, talking, smelling, walking on our feet, taking something via our healthy hands, it means that we are happy.

To sum up, i realize that, to be a human, open our eyes as a healthy one and breathe every day are our main happiness, that mostly are not considered like happiness. As a consequence, let us be grateful to our God for our happiness given by God and try to achieve next sources of this abstract existence.

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