All around the world people are living longer than ever before Which of the following do you think are the main causes of this phenomenon You may choose more than one option The development of new technology changing our eating habits Improvements to our

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All around the world, people are living longer than ever before. Which of the following do you think are the main causes of this phenomenon? You may choose more than one option. The development of new technology, changing our eating habits. Improvements to our working conditions.

There are many different reasons why humans are living longer and healthier than in the past. In my opinion, the main two causes that are allowing people to live longer are the development of new technology and the improvements of working conditions.

To begin with, medical technology has advanced so much in the last few years, which can help people to cure and prevent future illness. Many people in the past died because of the lack of resources in medicine. Thankfully, today technology is advantageous in identifying illnesses such as cancer and diabetes in earlier stages. When a disease is detected earlier, it enhances the chances of finding a cure and prolongs people's survival. For instance, I was told that my grandfather died at the age of 45 from a heart attack when he appeared healthy to his family. Additionally, modern technology has alerted my grandfather’s younger brother that he has been carrying the gene for diabetes. Thanks to this information my uncle's life has been prolonged and he remains healthy by taking precautions on his intake and exercising regularly, therefore, allowing him to live a normal life. Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible a few decades ago to be able to detect if a family member's sickness was due to genetic causes.

Secondly, working conditions have improved significantly in modern society, helping people to do safer and less handwork than in the past. For instance, a few years ago, people used to work longer hours under the sun, causing them to become dehydrated. Being exposed to heat for longer periods lowers people’s immune systems; thus, they can develop chronic diseases such as kidney issues causing their death at an early age. People back then had neither safe working conditions, nor reduction of their physical work. On the other hand, modern society has created new regulations that prevent people from overwork. These actions help people not to expose themselves to overwork, but to maintain a healthier immune system which allows them to live longer.

Overall, when we are comparing today and the past, human life expectancy has increased due to the development of medical technology, and less exploiting work conditions.

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