Do you agree or disagree with the following statement The environmental issue is too complex to be handled by the individual

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The environmental issue is too complex to be handled by the individual.

By and large, it is of very little doubt, if any, that environmental matter is an issue of great consideration and importance. It matters because Earth is the only home that humans have, and it provides air, food, and other needs. Consequently, the idea of caring for our planet may seem to have a priority. In this regard, some people wonder whether the environmental issue is too sophisticated for individuals to manage. I agree with the statement and believe individuals can’t take care of this important issue only by themselves. In the ensuing lines, I will provide two reasons for collaboration with this thesis.
The first idea worthy of consideration is that individuals do not possess adequate power for taking essential actions to solve the problems about the environment. These actions depend on large funding, therefore governments are in charge. Unquestionably, I think a global plan or strategy is vital for solving the problem of climate change. This global plan seems to be costly and needs collaboration between nations. Government representatives from each country should attribute in the universal meeting to achieve that global plan for solving the problems. As a case in point, I saw a documentary about protecting the oceans on the national geography channel. It stated that there are serious environmental problems related to the oceans such as damage to ecosystems due to global warming. According to that show, the UN calls for global management. After several meetings, the results were some complicated actions for each country such as give sufficient resources, reduce overfishing, and stop polluting the ocean by the waste of factories. These actions were impossible to be done if the UN didn’t take care of ocean protection. This example indicates that the environmental issue needs more than just individual contribution.
Secondly, another reason is that skilled and professional scientists are required to solve environmental problems. With a massive increase in natural disasters, warming and cooling periods, and different types of weather patterns, some serious and systematic analyses should be done if our planet wants to face these problems. Solving them depends on scientific knowledge which is time taking. Hence, that’s impossible for everybody to achieve that. For instance, I remember one of my friends in college majored in architecture and his final project was about “upcycle” which means using, again and again, materials in building instead of throwing them away. He wanted to design a building by decreasing the use of natural resources. His project was so demanding for him, as he told me he had to research several fields such as materials science, energy engineering, economics, and even biology. After one year of hard-working, he wondered that his project required much more time and energy than he was expected, and finally, he changed his project as he was so exhausted. Therefore, this shows that the environmental issue seems to be complicated for people.
To sum up, I firmly believe that although an individual’s attempts to resolve the environmental issues are noteworthy, it’s sophisticated for them due to a lack of adequate power and knowledge for taking serious actions.

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