Do you agree or disagree with the following statement If people have the opportunity to get a secure job they should take it right away rather than wait for a job that would be more satisfying

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? If people have the opportunity to get a secure job, they should take it right away rather than wait for a job that would be more satisfying.

In the sophisticated world of today, having a job with sufficient income is a requirement of a prosperous life. In this regard, people have to seek hard to find a remarkable position that would satisfy their needs. Some people hold the opinion that it is beneficial for individuals to choose and take a secure job once they got the opportunity. On the other side of the continuum, others believe that people should wait longer and devote more time to find a more satisfying career. I, personally speaking, stand with the former group for two main reasons, on which I will elaborate in the next two paragraphs.

First of all, starting a secure job the second getting the chance would lead to a better position and higher income in the future. At first, people might think it is not their dream job and even it might not fulfill their desire, however, with the passage of time, they will gain more experience and become more skillful, which eventually leads to a promotion and raise in the salary. The more money you make, the more satisfaction of your work you feel. Also, by starting a job at the moment you get the chance to make a plethora of friends and links in your workplace and they would provide you other job opportunities and positions which might be more desirable. Furthermore, people with plenty of connections and friends are more likely to notch up more success. For instance, when I graduated from university, I was looking for a well-paid job at first, but I was not successful, So I have decided to start my career as a draftsman in a big engineering firm. After two years, one of my coworkers suggested me to another firm that was looking for an experienced engineer. I was accepted for that position and became the head of the engineering team just after three years. I wouldn’t have that desirable job if I didn’t accept the first opportunity.

Secondly, nowadays, by growing the population and economic disaster that happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment is a major issue in many countries. In this circumstance, devoting a lot of time to find a desirable job might not be a wise choice, as people can start a profession that they have the opportunity, and looking for their dream job simultaneously. It will help them with their financial status, controlling their stress level and their mental health, furthermore even they might become interested in that job gradually. Also, they would have found themselves excessively good at that job which obviates the need for looking for another position.

To conclude, it is significantly advantageous for individuals to choose and take the secure job the moment they got a chance, and then seek for a more satisfying career. Not only does it lead to a better position and higher income in the future, by making them more experienced, but it also prepares them a better financial status and less stress level.

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