famous entertainers and athletes deserve to have more privacy than they have now

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famous entertainers and athletes deserve to have more privacy than they have now

In today's progressive and sophisticated world where we live in, no one can turn a blind eye to the significant effects of famous entertainers and popular athletes on people's lives. In this regard, some are inclined toward the opinion that the general public should respect these individuals' privacy. On the other extreme of the rope, others think that celebrities are not deserved to have more privacy in their lives and they should be treated similarly to other people in society. Although both sides take their own positions, personally speaking, I firmly believe that the first group carries more weight. In the following paragraphs, I will cogently explain my reasons to justify my viewpoints.
First of all, if famous athletes and entertainers have more privacy in their lives and jobs than the past and they have now, they will be mentally healthy and have better intellectual abilities, which affects their performance significantly. In other words, popular individuals such as athletes have a great influence on society. Thus, if people interfere in their private lives and disturb them by some negative activities such taking photos from their regular activities or broadcast fake news about them, their stress level will be increased drastically, preventing them to concentrate effectively on their tasks and duties; thus, they will show poor performance. For example, last year, one of the local television channels broadcasted fake news about the most popular soccer player in our city. He got angry about this news and could not play well in the world championship, which got upset people, who were a fan of him. Hence, the more people create a private atmosphere for famous entertainers and athletes, the better performance they will show, which affects positively people's lives and mood.
Secondly, when athletes and famous individuals feel that they have a private life, they will be encouraged to communicate and interact effectively with people, which affects people's lifestyle remarkably. To be more specific, since popular athletes and entertainers have been trying hard to achieve remarkable success in their lives, they have valuable experiences and new insights into their activities. Consequently, if they feel that the general public respect them and do not want to limit their privacy, they will be stimulated to express and share their experiences and novel ideas with people enthusiastically. In this situation, people can gain their advice and utilize them in their lives, which may lead them to become successful and prosperous in their lives. In contrast, for example, last year, one of the most popular athletes in our city, who had improved youngsters’ lifestyles remarkably, closed his private page on Instagram and YouTube. Because some radical journalists and reporters spread his private wife's images. After that, he disconnected his friendly interaction with people, which caused youths could not see his posts and therefore they missed the most professional exercise in tennis sport. Thus, if people do not limit celebrities’ privacy, they can obtain those famous valuable notions and experiences.
In conclusion, I strongly believe that famous athletes and popular entertainers are deserved to have more privacy and they should not be under the lens of media. Not only does it increase their feelings of security and improves their mental health, but it also encourages them to share their experiences and knowledge with people, which affects positively people’s lives in the long run.

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